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Heartmenders Magazine Media Inc., is a media production company headquartered in New York, United States of America. We have developed some world class tools or products and offer a wide range of services, from business consultancy to publishing services. Heartmenders Magazine is one of our tools established to connect foreign investors who wish to do businesses in Africa. From mining, explorations, agriculture, dealerships, to infrastructure etc. We also connect Africans who wish to extend their investments to the United States of America, in properties, franchise businesses etc. Heartmenders Magazine promotes American products and tourist attractions and writes about African investments, cultures of the world, tourism, travel, relationship and parenting etc. Heartmenders Magazine Media Inc., offer the following publishing services to organizations and individuals: Launching a new newspaper, magazine, newsletter, blogs, websites, electronic newsletters, and book publications etc..Email us @ ex_celprojects203@yahoo.com For foreign business consulting, email us @ heartmendersconsulting@yahoo.com or write to Heartmenders Magazine consulting department @ Heartmenders Magazine Media Inc. P. O. Box 312101 Jamaica, New York, NY 11431, USA.

We are based in the USA and cover all parts of Europe and Asia.

down to Africa and to the rest of the world..

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